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Moldavite is a powerful transformation stone, lending to cleansing and change on all levels. It's also perhaps one of the most easily felt of all mineral energies. It carries an intense frequency that deeply activates the entire chakra system, opens one's psychic channels, and propels one into one's future with the force of a hurricane. While this may sound intimidating, sometimes the cosmic "Boot in the rear" is exactly what's required to kick-start one's spiritual development. It's not a healing stone so much as an activation stone.

Moldavite powerfully enhances the dream state and should be used in moderation until one is acclimated to its frequency. It's recommended to spend time meditating with Moldavite once per day for five days or so before carrying it on one's person or wearing it for any length of time. Otherwise, one might experience what's sometimes referred to as "Moldavite Flush", which might include hot flashes and dizziness.

If you're truly ready to move forward on your path, then Moldavite is the aid you're looking for!

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